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The main cast of my Dark Science series! I thought I’d put a little thing together for new readers.

  1. Kimiko Serena Ross - Autodidactic inventor. Holding a dishonorary degree in science, Kim Ross has, by age 22, created many wonderful abominations, but the most notable are her elaborate prostheses she now requires to live (having been blown up by time-colonists in a previous tale). She’s currently looking for a new career in the magnificent (and horrendously bureaucratic) city of Nephilopolis.
  2. Vonnie Awning - Analytical clerk for the Department of Taste, Vonnie knows every facet of Nephilopolis’s bureaucracy. Terribly fashionable. Terribly obsessed with social networking.
  3. Kaito Kusanagi - Kimiko’s estranged father and legendary architect of Nephilopolis. World renowned as the greatest roboticist in history, his designs were so sophisticated that no one else knows how to effectively reproduce them. Since his death, he’s been elevated to a near-saintly status in Nephilopolis, much to the displeasure of Kim.
  4. Balthazar Bogan - Lecturer and last remnant of the  Anthropology Department in Nephilopolis. His loyalties are convoluted at best.
  5. Alisa Caspar - Award-winning author and certified celebrity. Caspar has some connection to Kim’s father, Kaito, but much remains unclear.
  6. Mathias Melchior - Agent of the Department of Opposition, which regulates all menace within the city. Has his hands in many plots. Also unreasonably tall.
  7. Amon Harthrow - Head of the Department of Congruity, which regulates all order and civility in Nephilopolis. He is not fond of mezzodes (cyborgs) in the city.
  8. Thomas Caspar - Alisa Caspar’s son and head of the Department of Secrets. Knows more about Kim than he rightfully should.
  9. Asmodea Harthrow - Amon’s daughter and head of the Department of Distraction, offering new and exciting ways to never address one’s own existential dread.
  10. The Dark Scientists - Shadowy figures in the underbelly of the city, the Dark Scientists oppose to the bureaucratic scientific establishment above. Recently they’ve taken an interest in Kim, who has been exhibiting peculiar traits. Their exact number is uncertain.



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