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So guys, the Dresden Codak Kickstarter has been doing way, way better than I ever anticipated. We reached the original goal in less than an hour, and a couple days ago it became the 4th most funded comic Kickstarter ever.  It’s bonkers, people, utterly bonkers!

If you know how Kickstarter works, there are often stretch goals, but all the amazing Dresden Codak fans burned through the ones I planned in two days, so I’ve had to come up with new ones!  If you go to the site, you can see them all, but the big prize is this: if we hit $800k, I can update Dresden Codak biweekly for one year.

How does that work? Essentially, it will allow me to hire an assistant to handle all the non-drawing/writing parts of Dresden Codak (which is about 50% of my workload), and free me up to make more comics. Anyone who’s ever run their own business knows the innumerable small duties that can take away from the creative process, and seeing now that I have way more fans and supporters than I’d ever imagined, I want to up my game and deliver more of what people want.

Obviously I’ll do whatever I can to increase my content frequency regardless of the money, but the $800k benchmark is where I can officially make that promise and follow through.

Thanks so much, guys, and we’ve still got 21 days to go!



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    So by biweekly does he mean once every two weeks or twice a week? Oh ambiguity.
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    This, SO much this. Brilliant writing, beautiful artistry, and it goes to help Aaron Diaz, an artist that I actually...
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    Dresden Codak twice a week? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
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    Holy shit you guys. Make this happen.
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    800k or Bust!
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