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Let me tell you about Fake Geek Guys.

Polling regularly shows that I have more female readers than male, so we can safely assume most men only pretend to like Dresden Codak for attention.  

It’s sad and pathetic, and usually pretty easy to spot.  I mean, aren’t we all a little sick and tired of Fake Geek Guys pretending to like Dresden Codak, when they’ve probably never even read Hob? Or even worse, haven’t memorized every line of Dungeons & Discourse?

Most men probably only started reading Dresden Codak recently, and a lot of them don’t even read the comic, just my Tumblr posts about comic theory, and they STILL call themselves fans!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a con and some man is dressed up as Tiny Carl Jung (obviously to pick up girls) and can’t even remember the character’s name.  We could do with a lot fewer men objectifying themselves just to get attention from the actual female fans.

Sure, some people say that in this female-dominated Dresden Codak fandom, we might be treating men unjustly, but all I’m saying is that it’s fine to be a guy and fan of my comic.  You just have to take a test to prove that you’re a real fan, just like every female reader already is.

I’m not being prejudiced, I’m just saying some people should be prejudged.



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    And don’t even get me started on fake geek trans-oddly-gendered people! Like, can’t they even pick a pronoun so we can...
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