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We've seen quite a bit of scientific fields presented in Dresden Codak so far, but we haven't seen too much biology so far. I remember a short history lesson on the Axolotl early on, but other than that it hasn't popped up much. There's certainly plenty of transhumanist material in the field of genetics, a la Man After Man. Have not seen a lot of that so far because it just isn't your area of expertise? Or is it more of a theme thing? Or is it forthcoming and you can't talk about it?

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I’ve done lots of biology! Kim’s mother was a geneticist, Fabulous Prizes dealt with junk DNA, and The Sleepwalkers was entirely about evolution and paleontology.

The comic overall tends to be more about robotics because Kim is a roboticist. Dresden Codak isn’t “Transhumanism: the Comic,” it’s a comic about stories and characters that I think are interesting.



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