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The comic’s running a little late this week, so I thought I’d share some evolution doodles I did a few days ago.

So last week I did some fanart based on Exquisite Beast, which posts evolutionary iterations of a particular alien creature. My creature was based on taking the gas-filled floater notion further by having it harness lightning with specialized growths around its body.  What I did in this installment is create two species descended from the one I drew last week.

The first one has grown much larger and embraced a whale-like, filter feeding lifestyle. Its electricity conducting growths have expanded to become an armored carapace. While it can no longer direct lightning, it now makes up for in sheer size and indestructibility.

The second has taken the lightning concept further and has become an active hunter. Its head is now shaped to better direct currents, and its body has gotten significantly smaller and more maneuverable, taking a form similar to a flying squirrel. its movements are strange, essentially consisting of retracting its long coil and then parachuting down to position itself for a lightning attack. Its mouth is also now circular and holds a long liquivor-esque tongue.

Hope you like them!



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