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DC Comics reboots Dresden Codak!

Part 1: Rebooting the Justice League

Part 2: Rebooting the Legion of Doom

Part 3: Rebooting Batman

So I know my reboots have been getting a lot of press, but who knew that the editors and artists over at the real DC comics would ever offer to redesign my comic, Dresden Codak? The editors have been kind enough to also provide some commentary, so let’s take a look!

Kim Ross

Editor’s Note: “Dresden Codak is a fine comic, but its protagonist, Kim Ross, is a pretty weak female lead. She dresses like she’s ashamed of her body, so we decided to make her stronger and give her an outfit to match. Kim’s just coming out of her shell, so she’s not quite as strongly dressed as the other ladies here, but she’ll come around. Her cybernetic parts were too complicated to draw, so we streamlined them. We also added glasses, because the guys around here were confused when they were told she was supposed to be a nerd. Come on, Diaz, that’s a big oversight!”

Kaito Kusanagi

Editor’s Note: "Kusanagi is this mysterious guy, so we tried to keep to that. He’s a lot older than the other men, so you’ll notice we added some lines under his eyes. Character diversity is important!"

Vonnie Awning

Editor’s Note: “Since she’s probably a D-cup, Vonnie’s the strongest female character Dresden Codak has to begin with. We decided to make her stronger by tweaking some things about her origins. Now on Nephilopolis, all the women are more sexually liberated and don’t need to wear clothing. Vonnie wears the bare minimum for Kim’s sake because she’s just not as comfortable and strong yet.”

Dmitri Tokamak

Editor’s Note: “One thing we hated about Dresden Codak was how we were really never sure what was the deal with the Tokamaks. Here Dmitri is more heroic, and we’ve turned his jeans and sweater into a more armor-looking outfit.”

Alina Tokamak

Editor’s Note: “Alina’s usually dressed like her twin brother Dmitri, but because of her stripper past (a new backstory we’ve added) she’s more confident in herself and dresses like a strong female supporting character should.”

D.H. Ron

Editor’s Note: “Ron’s a great character, but we thought it would be cool if we brought back Hal Jordan.”


Part 1: Rebooting the Justice League

Part 2: Rebooting the Legion of Doom

Part 3: Rebooting Batman



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