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Do you get frustrated, after working on the same storyline for so long, that this part of the story isn't finished yet? Have you started planning/writing the next chapter in Kim's life? How far in advance do you plan these things out? Do you know how/where her story ends yet?

Asked by Anonymous

It can be incredibly frustrating. I wrote Dark Science years ago at this point. It’s specifically frustrating when I’m excited to talk about one point in the story, but I know it’s not going to be revealed for months. I haven’t explicitly planned out Kim’s “next chapter,” partly because the way Dark Science ends, the status quo is shaken a lot more severely than what happened at the end of Hob.

All that aside, once I get the Patreon up and can afford a site restructuring, I’d like to update smaller one-shot comics while Dark Science is still going on. I think that would basically be the ultimate, invincible Final Form of Dresden Codak.

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Dark Science #33 - Light and Dark
Things do not look good.

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where exactly would the story be located if located on our actual version of earth?

Asked by cafenerd

The geography is a little weird, but basically Kim was originally living in the Pacific Northwest, and Nephilopolis is probably somewhere over Colorado or Utah.

Mind you, the names of states may be different, or even non-existent.

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How important do you find building colour palettes to be in your work? Do you build pre set ranges for spaces/characters/places/moods or do you find it easier to paint entirely in the moment?

Asked by b-katherine

Oh I plan the hell out of my colors. 80% of my painting time is just me stressing over whether I picked the right colors. I have tons of pre-set palettes for different locations and types of pages. Every scene, interaction, and character is color-coded. I’m incredibly anal about why someone’s shirt has to be blue or why two locations must have complementary color schemes, even if they don’t intersect.

I’ve learned that this type of attention to detail isn’t all that important to readers, but it’s one of those things that I just *have* to do because I’m me.

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Would you suggest that I start with Dresden Codak and work my way into Dark Science or would starting with Dark Science make no different to both plot lines?

Asked by emberjams

I’d start here and then just go chronologically

When you’ve caught up to the latest page of Dark Science, then I’d recommend going and starting at the beginning of the archives. I’ve found this is currently pretty much the best way to introduce new readers to the comic!

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I always have fun trying to imagine what your dialogue would sound like spoken aloud. How it would be delivered and what the characters sound like. Do you imagine voices for the characters in your mind?

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Absolutely. The “accent” of Nephilopolis is that 1930s transatlantic accent.

  • Vonnie in particular sounds like Katharine Hepburn in my head.
  • Melchior has a German accent, for obvious reasons.
  • Due to her upbringing, Kim has a faint English accent smothered by a Pacific Northwest one.
  • Balthazar sounds like some scrub from the Midwest.
  • Radnar sounds like Radnar.

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Unless I'm horribly mistaken in art influences, a lot of Dark Science seems Art Deco-inspired. Are there any resources you use as reference for Dark Science, or would recommend to people interested in finding stuff from that era they may not have encountered before?

Asked by amidstthetrees

Most of the designs for Nephilopolis are inspired by different World’s Fairs, as well as art books like “The Metropolis of Tomorrow” and “The World of Art Deco.” I have a fairly extensive reference library of clothing from the 1930s as well. Comes in handy.

For Kaito’s home and some of the aesthetics revolving around his segments, I pull exclusively from Frank Lloyd Wright’s actual houses, as well as some of his illustrations.

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will we see more of D. H. Ron? he appeared in dark science long enough to set things up, but it looks like hes being put aside with all the other pre-dark science characters.

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He isn’t a big part of the story, but chances of seeing him again before Dark Science is over are about 100%.

Other characters may come and go, but D.H. Ron is eternal.

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Is the new streak in Kim's hair the result of the power she just used? If so, if she kept using this power in the future would her hair turn all white?

Asked by Anonymous

It’s definitely white because of its proximity to the fire she just let loose. As for prolonged exposure, it may be much more drastic than that…

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Given what we see on page #33 and what preceeded it on page page #22 do the Nephilim actually KNOW what they are when they're not being Nephilim?

Asked by baenlynn

The Nephilim are the old giants whose remains we see now and again throughout the setting. The Dark Scientists seem to have a shared history with them, but they’re distinct beings.

That said, Thomas is fully aware of his actions. He just has a lot of explaining to do.